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Shamshad Ali

Ortho and Sports Physiotherapist

Dr. Shamshad is a renowned Sports Physiotherapist (Al Resalah Physiotherapy Clinic, Sharjah) in National Capital of India and UAE, He has been a licensed practitioner in Delhi and Dubai, holding DHA, MOH, DCPTOT license.

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After graduating from HNB GARHWAL UNIVERSITY in 2014, he has been striving to be in the leading field within his profession. This has led him to take a number of postgraduate courses. To name a few: Post graduate degree in Sports Medicine, Post graduate diploma in Cupping therapy, Certificate in dry needling, Certificate in Modified chiropractic adjustment of Cervical Thoracic and Lumbar Spine. Alongside all this, he was the manager and owner of his own clinic in Delhi, India, from which he origin.

Shamshad’s  primary interest and strength are within the manual field. Recognizing that every single patient is unique and to be healed, needs an individual approach, keeps him motivated. Shamshad Ali is fluent in English, Hindi and Urdu, knows work related Arabic also

Cervical Manipulation to increase Neck Mobility

Confirm diagnosis is the key to success in treating cervical pain and radiating pain in the arms

There are hundreds of causes for neck pain and one of the most common cause now a days is bed posture due to mobile and computer use.

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What Patiens Says about Shamshad Ali

“By Dr. Shamshad has been given a terrific support in diagnosing and managing my chronic lower back pain of ten years. The core exercises have strengthened my back muscles to prevent me from further injury.

Jonah Schwarz

“I have been suffering from ankle pain my entire life and have tried many forms of therapy over the years. Dr. Shamshad’s manual therapy and exercises really assisted my ankle’s realignment and relieved my headache symptoms after several weeks of treatment.”

Erin Lawrence

“The postural advice provided has also been quite helpful to reduce my pain while at work. He works as a well consultant.”

Teddy Park

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